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What is Super Visa Insurance Canada?

Canada has been offering some amazing super visa insurance packages to its citizens, as well as individuals who come from abroad. Super Visa Insurance Canada is one of the best insurance packages you’ll see here. The insurance requirements were made public by Canada on November 4, 2011, when the government made the decision of reducing the backlog of permanent resident applications for older people, especially grandparents and parents. The application processing periods were exceeding, and they had gone up to 7 years because the number of parents and grandparents applying for permanent residency had been hiking up. According to some official sources, this figure had gone up to 165,000.

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Insurance 4u provides you the best super visa insurance coverage with our top rated partners. Our Super Visa Insurance Partners insclude:

Super visa insurance in Canada

The new Super visa insurance in Canada for parents and grandparents is a temporary residence visa that is valid for a maximum of 10 years, but this mainly depends on the duration available on an individual’s passport.

Since the Super Visa is a multi-entry visa, it gives visitors the leverage of staying in Canada for a maximum of two years in a given time, without having to renew their visa. One of the best things about Super Visa is that the application fees and waiting times have been significantly reduced, providing great convenience to people coming to Canada for a short while. This has opened doors for PR visa applicants, who had been waiting for their processes to complete, to come to Canada just after a 6-8-week super visa application process.

It was made mandatory for the applicants to get their private returning Canadian health insurance while they were staying in the country, and this is now termed as the Super Visa health insurance. When the requirements were announced, the industry of Canadian travel insurance wasn’t really prepared for it, but they responded well in due time and the insurance costs have since been lowered. It is necessary for the applicants to submit proof that clearly mentions that they have private medical insurance valid for at least a year from the Canadian Insurance company. This should also:

   (a) Cover all health care, repatriation, and the cost of hospitals, and this goes for all the plans as well.

  (b) Provide coverage of at least $100,000, although amounts higher than this are also available.

  (c) Should be valid for every entry to Canada and must be available for the entry office by the port to review it. The applicants should have insurance every time they come to Canada and they are required to carry evidence to the port of entry.

The private health insurance applicants have is supposed to be in line with the application requirements of Super Visa and thereby must cover hospitalization, repatriation (allowing to return to the country of origin in case of death) and health care costs. This coverage should be in continuity and have no gaps in between during the entire time the applicant stays in Canada. The coverage won’t be provided if there are gaps found. All visitors coming to Canada must meet these travel insurance requirements set by the companies.

It’s important to get in touch with a reliable company when you come here. All these requirements are set and are made clear so that we are unbiased, and our processes remain transparent. You’ll find a great range of Canada’s super visa insurance providers here, which we have compiled for you. Since the prices have been regulated, you don’t have to worry about looking for prices, as we offer the same prices, you’ll see with insurance companies or other agents. Moreover, we recommend that you don’t get in touch with Canadian brokers because they will definitely charge a higher price. They won’t be able to match our prices since they live on commissions. Therefore, if you’re to find yourself the best price, you need to have access to an exhaustive selection of companies, and we’re making that possible for you. We make sure that your business and personal needs are met, and we’ll ensure that your business can compete with other brokers (who aren’t even travel insurance experts in most cases). You’ll find us to be better based on the quality advice we offer, our unparalleled customer service and the wide range of policy selection we provide.

Options for Free Instant Quote to Check Canada’s Super Visa Insurance:

Refund policies, significant secondary perks, other benefits, prices, and other important information that you may want to see and compare with others are displayed clearly on the quote presentation paper, which you’ll get after requesting an instant online quote. This online quote appears after the completion of the quote request form you’ll find on the main page. We believe it’s vital for people to get a quote or know-how of prices when they are researching their options. So, if you’re reviewing your Super visa travel insurance Canada, we will provide you with a quote first.

When you’re filling the form for the quote, start by selecting dates. These dates are for estimation purposes and you can change to exact arrival date once your visa has been approved, and then provide the date of birth as well. Once you’re done here, the quote will be displayed, along with an email link, so you can see in the future as well. You will be provided with all the necessary information you may need on the website. However, if you still feel the need to ask questions or clear any confusion regarding the coverage policy, feel free to get in touch with our team. Our experts are available at all times to assist you and offer free advice

Once you’ve made your purchase online, you’ll immediately receive the confirmation email of your coverage plan along with the policy official documents. You or your parents/grandparents will get a copy to print and they will have to submit it with their application. Also, they must bring it along to show it to the port of entry officer.

Buying Appropriate Health Insurance for Super Visa Holders

When you’re buying the super visa medical insurance, you have the right to be completely satisfied with the payment procedures. This is why we’ve worked hard to make the quote process easy, where you can conveniently compare and purchase the Super visa insurance or parents super visa insurance online through our efficient and secure payment card industry (PCI) compliant servers. The payment system has encryption technology and a very simple online agency storefront system.

You must also bear in mind that purchasing private health insurance for the requirements of super visa insurance will be a bit costly, but this price isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Naturally, not all companies will offer the exact same things regarding policy details. Therefore, some differences that you must compare include refund policies, coverage for medical and pre-existing medical conditions, expense benefits for emergencies, policy exclusions and other deductible options. You can instantly review the complete breakdown of policy basics when you go through the summary. You can also review the exact and clear policy wordings by clicking at ‘policy’.

We guarantee the best prices for insurance. You can compare it with others to see that our site is offering the lowest visitors to Canada insurance costs. We offer several plans that cover illnesses relating to pre-existing medical conditions. Moreover, you won’t have to go through the trouble of filling lengthy tiresome medical questionnaires while purchasing online. Get a broad range of choices when browsing through our website and get in touch with our team to make them understand what you exactly need. Our experts will counsel you in the best way possible. Furthermore, we will recommend you some of the best companies, but that’s only to assist you. These details have profound importance at the time of the claim of refund time.

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How to Calculate Super Visa Insurance Cost and Apply?

Get a Quote: Use our online calculator from the Super Visa Insurance Calculator to see the prices from all the Canadian Insurance providers we work with. You will get a list of all the quotes with different deductible options. Note that the Deductible/Excess is the amount of money that has to be paid by yourself before the insurance company pays out the rest, in case of a claim.

Select a Plan: Choose the quote that you like and click on the "Plan Details" button for the insurance plan you have selected. You will be re-directed to a webpage, where you can review coverage details for the particular Super Visa insurance policy.

Review the Coverage: Read the Summary of Benefits, Eligibility Requirements and other information outlined on the webpage. Once you have finished learning about the offered medical insurance for super visa insurance in Canada, you can click on the "Buy Now" button to begin your on-line application.

Application Form: In order to complete an application form to purchase your Super Visa insurance, all you need to do is to provide some basic personal and contact information. Once you have completed the application form, you will be contacted soon for further process.

What does Super Visa Insurance cover?

It is important to read and understand the coverage terms of your super visa insurance policy, since every policy is different. However, most insurers provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, as well as doctor's fees, x-rays, prescription drugs, emergency dental work, and more.

A typical super visa insurance policy would cover your family member(s) in the event of the following scenarios:

  • They break their arm as the result of a fall and have to get an x-ray and cast.
  • They suffer an accidental blow to the face and need emergency dental work to repair their teeth.
  • They slip on some ice and sustain a head injury, resulting in a concussion and a trip to the emergency room.
  • They get a kidney infection that requires lab tests and antibiotics to treat.
  • They experience heart palpitations and need to see a specialist who prescribes expensive drugs.


Refund procedures aren’t very straightforward. In this case, it depends. If you’re purchasing a visitor’smedical insurance for parents to Canada policy for a whole year, this will be a requirement for parents super visa insurance application and therefore, must be paid in full when buying. Your parents are allowed to cancel the policy and get their refund if for some reason, the visa isn’t issued, or your parent(s) have decided not to come to Canada. Note that the insurance policy will not start until the departure date. It is important that you get in touch with us through phone or email if the departure date is different from what is mentioned on the insurance policy. We will have the dates on the policy changed to the exact departure dates.
If there are no claims against the policy, the premium will be refundable when travelers leave Canada, on a pro-rata basis. You can get this refund by sending us a copy of the boarding pass(es) that shows details for the traveler’s return trip home. Know that with most policies you will incur a small admin fee in case of early return refunds.
It’s important to consider the possibility of a refund because a lot of parents will come to visit Canada for less than a year when they’re coming for the first time. Therefore, the unused portion of the policy should be given back. Generally, it’s better to have a lower deductible. If a person chooses to buy a year-long policy that they bought at $3000, for instance, and they want to return home after 6 months, $1500 will be refunded in this case, provided that there are no claims made against the policy. The policy where there’s no deductible or where the insurance instantly pays all the eligible expenses will be more expensive. You may not want to make small claims like paying a visit to a medical clinic, because these are filed within the first six months, and if this is made, the refund for the unused part of the policy will be lost. Therefore, it is better to use a higher deductible to bring down the policy cost (by 20% or even more) and pay any small expenses on your own to keep the option of refund alive.
To be noticeably clear, we don’t charge any additional fees. We guarantee that the prices displayed on our website are exactly the same that you’ll get from any insurance company or a broker for that policy. The Canadian insurance industry has made regulations that do not allow insurance companies to charge different prices than brokers, and the brokers are also not allowed to charge anything extra than what’s mentioned. Brokers are restricted to rebate their commissions and compete on price. Regulators are making sure these practices are eradicated, but they aren’t cutting the prospect of a middleman, as it did not prove to be a good decision previously.
If there are no claims against the policy, the premium will be refundable when travelers leave Canada, on a pro-rata basis. You can get this refund by sending us a copy of the boarding pass(es) that shows details for the traveler’s return trip home. Know that with most policies you will incur a small admin fee in case of early return refunds.
We have several examples of customers who weren’t satisfied after dealing directly with the insurance company representatives because they did not clearly explain all the significant options and details that can impact coverage. These details and wordings should always be made very clear, especially if the case includes pre-medical existing conditions coverage. Know that the insurance company representatives take payment for selling the offerings of the company, even if doesn’t suit the customer’s situation.
However, when you use our services, we make sure to bring you the best possible policy and assist you in managing and making informed decisions regarding your insurance options. We will provide you with a plethora of policies from Canada’s best insurance companies for you to have a broad range of coverage options to choose from. You’ll be able to compare prices and coverage details to make the right decision for yourself. Also, we’ll assist you in changing dates, get any extensions you may need, and guide you regarding claims and refunds, even when the time arrives. This isn’t something you will get while directly dealing with insurance companies
We have been working really hard to improve our website database that carries more super visa insurance option than any other online broker in Canada.
The government of Canada has made it mandatory for applicants to show proof of private Canadian health insurance. This is why using insurance from the home country that isn’t regulated the Canadian authorities will not get your visa application approved.
Moreover, medical providers in Canada choose to work with Canadian insurance companies. The country has a system of direct billing between hospitals and insurance companies in Canada. So, if you pay anything in hospitals and then file a claim, the Canadian insurance companies will ensure a faster claim procedure as compared to any provider in a foreign country. You can get the reimbursement very quickly.
The Canadian insurance companies are regulated by regulators in Canada using the highest standards you’ll see all over the world.
The parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or the permanent residents who have come to Canada are eligible for a super visa. Visa officers will check many factors before allowing the person to admit. This is done to ensure that this is a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave the country at the end of their visit by choice. Some of the important things that are considered are:
  • The ties of the person to their home country
  • Why are they visiting
  • The family situation of the person
  • Their financial condition
  • The economic and political condition of the county
  • If there is an invitation from Canadian hosts

Apart from being deemed admissible to Canada, the parents or grandparents should also:

  • Prove to the authorities that they have brought Canadian medical insurance for at least a 12-month period to cover the time they are in Canada.
  • Provide a written document that mentions financial support from either their child or grandchild living in Canada who has a minimum income threshold set by the authorities
  • Complete the immigration medical exam.
It’s important to know that visitors to Canada can easily incur hospital costs of over $3000 per day, while the charges for an air ambulance to take you back home could easily cross tens of thousands of dollars. The minimum buying for application purposes is fixed at $100,000, but in some cases, you’ll find the $150,000 policy to be the least priced. We have discounts available for people aged under 60.
Absolutely. Everyone is allowed to buy a visitor’s insurance policy on behalf of the person coming to Canada. However, you should know that if a person is coming to Canada and you’re sponsoring their stay, you’ll be held responsible for all the medical bills if they are unable to pay them.

Super Visa Canada: Program Summary

The Canadian government introduced Super Visas in 2011 to manage the backlog of applications received from visitors who wanted longer stays in Canada.

Valid for up to 10 years, the Super Visa is granted to qualified parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Unlike the regular visitor's visa that allows someone to remain in Canada for only six months, the Super Visa allows a stay of up to two years with an option to apply for an extension.

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity, just follow the steps below:

Starting December 1, 2011, you can apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Canada program, which is valid for up to 10 years and allows the applicant to stay in Canada for up to 24 months per visit. This is contrasted with a regular Multiple-Entry Visa, which only allows parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to 6 months, without having to renew their status.
The good news is that most of the applications for Super Visa are processed within a few weeks. In order to check how long the Super Visa Canada application processing takes, follow the CIC’s list of Visa Offices across the world.
As any other document to visit Canada, Super Visa has its own eligibility requirements that must be met by all applicants, who are planning to stay with their families in Canada. In order to apply for Super Visa, you MUST:
  • Be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.
  • Be admissible for entry to Canada.
  • Fill out an Application for Super Visa.
  • Have a valid Canadian Super Visa insurance for 1 year with at least $100,000 total coverage.
  • Provide a Letter of Invitation from your child/grandchild in Canada, which outlines plans for your care and the number of people living in a household.
  • Provide written proof of financial support from your child / grandchild in Canada, who meets the requirement for the Income Threshold.

To determine your eligibility, please review the official definitions stated on the CIC website – Eligibility Requirements

Once you have prepared and sent your application package, you still have to perform several steps to have your Super Visa approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

– Interview:
Your Super Visa Canada application will be reviewed by a Visa Officer and they will decide whether it is necessary to schedule an interview with you. In case you are selected for an interview, you will receive a notification with guidelines and directions.

– Medical Examination:
You might be required to undergo a Medical Examination to enter Canada with a Super Visa. In such case, you will be given proper instructions by a Visa Officer on how and where the examination will take place. Please note that the medical checkup might extend the processing time for your Super Visa application by several weeks.

Once a decision regarding your Super Visa has been made, you will get your passport and all other documents back. If a Super Visa is approved, it will be attached to the appropriate page inside your passport. However, in case your Super Visa application has been refused, you will receive a letter of explanation, so you can avoid the mentioned pitfalls next time you apply.

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