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Returning Canadians Insurance in Canada

Returning to your home after years, months or even days in another country is an experience in itself. It is a wonderful feeling to finally walk the streets that you are familiar with. Travelling is an invigorating experience that refreshes you to restart your earlier routine. However, you must not let yourself get so excited that you completely forget about returning Canadian health insurance, since Provincial Health insurance might have been given a halt while you were busy having adventures abroad. Health insurance for returning Canadian citizens, especially in the states like Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Yukon takes about two to three months waiting period before the government reactivates insurance for returning Canadian.
However, the question appears, ‘How insurance works for a returning Canadian?’
If you happen to be a permanent Canadian resident or a regular citizen of Canada, then you should know the workings of health insurance for Canadian citizens returning and health

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Medical Emergency Insurance for Returning Canadians

Your absence can protect you from spending your money on emergency healthcare needs with a Medical Emergency Insurance Plan. If you are coming to your home in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, or Yukon, then keep in mind that your plan of insurance will start within a couple of months or more, after you have arrived and have re-established yourself. Additionally, coverage like this is active if you happen to be in Canada or if you are just taking a small trip to any other place across the world. This case is not for the expatriates in Canada who chose to visit their original hometown. The rule is to stay within Canada longer than any other country.

Who requires Returning Canadian Insurance?

If you are residing in any of the places among Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan or Yukon and you find your government health insurance being on hold, as a result of your extended stay abroad, you will be required to wait for about 93 days before any procedure commences. Other than the aforementioned Canadian states, neither of the stated conditions are applied. Therefore, if you are living in some other places in Canada, you can freely save your money and if anything, such as medical emergencies transpires, you can prevent yourself from unnecessary expenses by investing in Private Health Insurance for Returning Canadians. So, while the provincial private health insurance of yours is being reactivated, your other insurance will be able to cover the expenses.

How to Calculate the Cost of Returning Canadian Insurance and Apply it?

Are you planning to go back to your home in Canada? If yes, then make sure you never forget to invest in an insurance policy before the travel! Following is the list of some steps that you need to follow to access the available insurance options from Canada’s top insurance companies!

1 Get yourself a Quote

To get Returning Canadians Insurance, first, calculate your personal quote. For that, you can use a free online website too. The options will provide you with a plethora of choices of private Canadian Health Insurance plans with a variety of deductible amounts. A deductible amount is basically an amount that you are required to pay for yourself. This is before your insurance company covers the rest, in case there is a claim.

2 Plan Selection

After you have selected a quote, click on the button that reads “Plan Details”. This will open the options of insurance plans so that you can select the one that is most suitable for you. This will then lead you to a web page, depicting the quote you initially selected along with your plan description and many other options about insurance policies. This is particularly appropriate for Returning Canadians.

3 Do not forget to review your coverage

Always remember to read through the summary and benefits of the policy you have chosen to go for. Also do not forget to see the description of the official plan. You will first need to download and review the available Policy Wording on a similar page. After you have decided on a Returning Canadian Insurance Plan that meets your requirements, you can start the process by clicking on the buttons that read “Buy Online” or “Buy Insurance.”

4 Purchasing/ Application

The final step is to fill the online application form and make the payment using your credit card. This only takes minutes, as it requires you to just fill in your personal and contact information. When you are done filling the boxes with the necessary information, give yourself a moment and review the application before entering the details of your credit card. After the payment is processed, it will take only a few moments before you will be notified about your emergency Returning Canadians Insurance plan via email.

What is covered by Returning Canadians Insurance?

Every emergency health insurance provides distinct features, which may have been missing in other policies. That is why it is essential to read and analyze the descriptions of plan documents. Always keep in mind that the insurance of Returning Canadians will just cover the medical emergency treatment or the cases of sudden sickness.

Benefits and summary of foreign workers

  • a. It provides Health care in case of an emergency.
  • b. It also provides accommodation in hospitals and other services.
  • c. It further lets you have Ambulances services.
  • d. It covers dental surgeries and other tooth repairs.
  • e. It allows you access to prescribed drugs.
  • f. The X Rays or other laboratory diagnostics also get covered.
  • g. Services by any medical specialist are provided
  • h. The follow-up visit to Specialists also gets covered
  • i. It allows you to access a Registered Nurse
  • j. One can also rent and even make a purchase of necessary medical appliances.

The waiting period of Provincial Insurance Coverage

The eligibility of government health insurance keeps on varying across Canada. In several Canadian provinces, the permanent residents and Canadian citizens are able to utilize their provincial health care coverage within a duration of a little over a couple of months, after the re-establishment of residence. If you are returning to either Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan or Yukon, the medical plan will only start after 2 to 3 months of your arrival. While the provincial coverage gets reactivated, it is utterly crucial for you to apply for private insurance. This secures your financial assets in cases of a medical emergency, as the cost of the treatment will be covered by the insurance.

Who requires Returning Canadian Insurance?

The duration of the waiting period that is applied to Returning Canadians is for the people who are coming back to Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, or Yuko. Because in all these states, you are eligible for provincial insurance, after you have arrived and re-registered yourself for the health care plan in either of these states. In British Columbia, the duration of your waiting period is calculated in a bit different way. When you enter the state, the waiting period will be started based on the remainder of the days for the month to complete and additional two months. The countdown starts after you have established or reestablished your residence in British Columbia. Therefore, it is necessary for you to notify the office of BC MSP after your arrival.
Likewise, in the state of Saskatchewan, your provincial insurance coverage will start on the very first of the third month to your arrival. The eligibility of Provincial Insurance in Saskatchewan requires The Ministry of Health affairs of the state to determine the date of your established residency through numerous factors. Other than providing the necessary documents, you should also be physically residing in the state. Also, the state would grant you access to government health care benefits for a specific number of days in the calendar. This will, later on, ensure your eligibility for insurance.
To better understand the provincial insurance coverage in Canada, here is a list of states:

  • (1) British Columbia
  • (2) Alberta
  • (3) Saskatchewan
  • (4) Manitoba
  • (5) Ontario
  • (6) New Brunswick
  • (7) Quebec
  • (8) Prince Edward Island
  • (9) Nova Scotia
  • (10) New Brunswick
  • (11) Yukon
  • (12) Nunavut
  • (13) Northwest Territories
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