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New Immigrants Insurance in Canada

Are you looking for New Immigrants Insurance to start a new life in Canada? Pick up your luggage and make sure that you're able to move in as smoothly as possible! You do not realize this yet, because while the Canadian health system is known to be one of the best in the country, some coverage restrictions exist.
Moving to Canada is a significant venture. With specific criteria, there are a variety of different categories for immigration and it can be overwhelming. Detailed information on immigrating to Canada has been issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is important to note that the level of medical coverage ranges from $50,000 all the way up to $200,000, and the insurance price depends on the rate you want to go with. By adding a deductible, which is the part you plan to pay in case there is an emergency, it is easy to reduce the bill. For a claim, the deduction typically applies. Any insurance providers provide parents and their children with family plans, as long as they are less than 21 and dependent. Such plans typically cost much less than if you were to purchase individually for each member of the family.

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We provide a range of New Immigrant insurance partners with policy-by-policy coverage at the most competitive rates online. Here are our Partners:

Care for New Immigrants

Insurance programs differ in expense and not just in their strategies. In order to determine the right plan at the lowest rate, you can use the Insurance Calculator to discover the approximate insurance for new immigrants to Canada. Prices from all Canadian insurance providers are included in this calculator, plus you can pay online directly, which saves you time and money. You should get covered now and make sure your first encounters in Canada are not ruined by emergency care bills.

Q: How does insurance for new immigrants work?

A: Health insurance for new immigrants to Canada is meant to compensate future costs during the coverage span resulting from medical emergencies, such as accidental accidents and sudden illnesses.
Fresh immigrants and other travelers to Canada, who wants travel insurance for visitors to Canada and who are not yet eligible for provincial insurance policies due to a waiting time in some Canadian provinces like BC, ON, QC, SK and Yukon are eligible for these.
Moreover, if you have private health insurance for new immigrants in Canada, your side trips to other countries (excluding your country of origin/citizenship) shall also be protected, as long as there is a majority of your coverage in the country.

Q: Why do I need a New Immigrant private insurance?

A: There will be a waiting time from two to three months, depending on the province of your destination, during which you will not be available for medical treatment from the government. Thus, British Columbia, Yukon, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Ontario are all provinces included. At that time, you are advised to register for New Immigrants to Canada private medical emergency services to be safe from undue financial risks related to your immediate health needs.

How to calculate Canadian Insurance for New Immigrants?

Cost and Apply?

Do you want to immigrate to Canada? Before you fly, don't hesitate to sign up for an insurance policy! Follow the 4 easy steps below to see the list of insurance plans available from the top Canadian insurance providers.

Obtain a quotation

Use our New Immigrants to Canada insurance online calculator to obtain quotations from all private Canadian insurance companies with whom we collaborate. When you input all the details, you need and press "Calculate quote," a list of quotations with numerous deductible choices is shown. A deductible is the amount of money you spend off the bag before the insurance company works with the rest when you file a claim.

Choose a plan

When you have measured a quotation and seen the alternative list, pick a quotation from the list and click on the "Plan Details" button on the right. You will be routed to a webpage containing coverage highlights, benefit descriptions and policy wording for the insurance plan.

Check out the coverage

Take a minute to check your coverage. See the official contract wording of the New Immigration Insurance Package of your choosing to determine your benefits and familiarize yourself with some essential details about the plan you will be purchasing. When it's gone, press on the "Buy Insurance" or "Buy Online" button.


You are nearly there! The method of buying takes between 5-10 minutes and involves only simple personal information. You will be required to include in Canada your name, date of birth, date of coverage and contact details. Take the time to verify and enter payment information to complete the submission. When your payment is accepted, you can automatically get an email verifying your new medical insurance for new immigrant

How does insurance protect New Immigrants?

Every new immigrant’s health insurance has its own characteristics. However, here is a rundown of the health benefits offered by all our policies!
Health insurance for new immigrants in Canada only includes the medical emergency management of unexpected diseases and accidents, except normal healthcare. Summary of New Immigrants Insurance Benefits is given below:

(a) You will get Emergency Medical Care

(b) You will get Hospitalization

(c) You will get Ambulance Transportation

(d) You will get Emergency Dental Repair

(e) You will get Dental Pain Relief

(f) You will get Prescription Medication

(j) You will get Laboratory Diagnostics/ X-Ray

(h) You will get the services of a Medical Specialist i.e., chiropractor, osteopath, etc.

(j) You will get Follow up Treatment

(k) You will get Registered Nurse Services

(l) You will get Rental or Purchase of Medical Appliances

For a detailed coverage description, go through the Policy Wording of the insurance plan you select. Policy Wording is an official text describing and illustrating the incentives payable, qualifications, omission, and limits, and claims and compensation proceedings.

Provincial Insurance Coverage:

Time of waiting

As a recent arrival to Canada, you have the right to government health care in your province of residence. You can get medical attention at any clinic or hospital without paying for medically required services from your account.
However, whether you settle in Ontario, Yukon, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Québec, the waiting period will be 2 to 3 months- after you have formed a residency before the state health insurance becomes successful.
During this time, you may choose to buy medical insurance in order to cover yourself and your family from needless medical expenses.
BC, SK, YT, ON, QC Time of Waiting: In general, waiting periods for provincial insurance policies for New Immigrants to Canada start on the day you establish your residency in ON, QC, SK, BC or Yukon.
It takes up to three months for Ontario, Yukon, and Quebec to claim your government insurance package after the day you return from another country or the day that you have applied for health insurance in one of these provinces.
British Columbia and Saskatchewan, on the other hand, are a little different in measuring the waiting time. The length of the applicable waiting period for landed immigrants in BC is 2 full months plus the remaining month after the date on which they are established in BC.
As for Saskatchewan, on the first day of the third month after your arrival in Canada, you will obtain provincial insurance benefits.

Provincial Insurance:

Requirements for Qualifying

The Ministry of Health in ON, BC, Yukon, SK, and QC will use a variety of criteria to determine the date of residence. In most cases, however, your waiting time in one of the above provinces will begin after your arrival.
Please notice that in order to retain your qualifying government insurance policy, you need to be present in a province of your residency for a specific number of days in a calendar year.
if you want to learn more about provincial insurance coverage across Canada, click on the links below:

● British Columbia
● Alberta
● Saskatchewan
● Manitoba
● Ontario
● Quebec
● New Brunswick
● Nova Scotia
● Prince Edward Island
● Newfoundland and Labrador
● Yukon
● Northwest Territories
● Nunavut

For further information on health care in each province and territory, visit the official Insurance4u website. Insurance4u.ca is a well-known premium comparison website and we are registered with the top 15 Canadian travel insurance providers.

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