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What is IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada Program?

IEC Working Holiday Visa provides temporary work permits to young people from over 30 countries, so they can legally live and get a job in Canada. The permits are valid for either 12 or 24 months, depending on your country of citizenship.

Your country of citizenship must have an agreement with Canada that allows you to apply for an IEC work permit, or You may be able to use a Recognized Organization.

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IEC Program

The International Experience Canada (IEC / Work Visa Canada / Working Holiday) program is an incredible opportunity to travel and work for young adults from certain countries, who are between the ages of 18 and 35.
If you are an IEC participant, you have the unique opportunity of exploring this beautiful country, its nature, its culture and its people, who have come here from all over the world!

IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: Requirements

The International Experience Canada program requires its participants to have proof of their IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance in order to ensure their financial safety from unforeseen medical emergencies that may happen during the trip.

IEC / Working Holiday travel insurance MUST:

  • Be valid for the whole duration of your intended stay
  • Cover medical care, hospitalization and repatriation
  • Be valid for each entry to Canada
  • Be available for review by a POE officer at the Canadian border

IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance: 2 Year Coverage

International Experience Canada participants have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy staying in Canada for up 2 years without renewing their status. Insurance coverage for the 2-year Canadian IEC Work Visa consists of 2 policies for 365 days of consecutive coverage each, which gives you a greater flexibility with your insurance in case your travel plans change! Find out more about the 2 year insurance package using the button below and take advantage of our IEC / Working Holiday Insurance Calculator to browse your options and get a free quote toda

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