GMS Super Visa and Visitor To Canada Insurance

  • Eligible for: Super Visa, Visitors, New Immigrants, Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians, and IEC / Working Holiday.
  • Coverage Amounts: Choose from coverage amounts of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $150,000.

Healthcare Services and Coverage:

  • Repatriation to Home Country / Medical Attendant: Up to $5,000 for repatriation expenses or coverage for a medical attendant.
  • Paramedical Services: Coverage for services provided by professionals like chiropractors and osteopaths, up to $500 per category.
  • Dental Repair Services: Receive up to $2,000 in coverage for dental repair services.
  • Dental Pain Relief: Coverage for dental pain relief, providing you up to $300.
  • Cremation/Burial: In case of an unfortunate event, receive up to $4,000 for cremation or burial expenses.
  • Registered Nurse Services: Covering registered nurse services up to $10,000.
  • Child Care: Receive coverage of up to $500 for child care needs.
  • Out-of-pocket Expenses: Coverage for out-of-pocket expenses, offering up to $1,000.
  • Transportation of Remains: In the event of repatriation, you are covered for up to $10,000 in transportation of remains.
  • Hospitalization: Comprehensive hospitalization coverage.
  • Stable Pre-existing Conditions Coverage: Coverage for pre-existing conditions that are stable.
  • Ambulance Services: Coverage for ambulance services.
  • Medical Care: Access to essential medical care.
  • Laboratory Diagnostics/X-Ray: Coverage for laboratory diagnostics and X-rays.
  • Out-Patient Treatment: Coverage for outpatient medical treatment.
  • Prescription Medication: Coverage for prescription medications, providing a 30-day supply.

These benefits ensure that you and your loved ones are well-protected during your stay in Canada, offering peace of mind and financial security in unforeseen circumstances. Choose the coverage amount that suits your needs and enjoy your time in Canada with confidence.

Eligibility Requirements for GMS Visitors & Immigrants Plan:

If you are under 55 years old, you are eligible to purchase the GMS Visitors & Immigrants plan if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are not eligible for and/or covered by any Provincial Healthcare Plan in Canada.
  • You do not have a reason to seek medical attention when you apply for coverage.
  • You are not applying for coverage from within Canada and have not had medical treatment in excess of $5,000 during the last 12 months prior to applying for GMS insurance.
  • You have not been refused insurance coverage by a similar insurance provider to GMS.

Please note that if you are 55 years old or older, there may be additional conditions that you must meet, which will be outlined in the policy.

These eligibility requirements are designed to ensure that the GMS Visitors & Immigrants plan is available to individuals who meet specific criteria and do not have access to provincial healthcare coverage or have recently sought significant medical treatment. It's important to understand and meet these requirements to be eligible for the plan.

How to Get a Refund with GMS Insurance:

Obtaining a refund with GMS Insurance is subject to certain conditions and limitations, as outlined below:

Full Premium Refunds:

  1. Cancellation within the First 10 Days: You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your policy within the first 10 days from the date of purchase, before the Effective Date of your insurance policy.
  2. Travel Visa Refusal: If your travel visa application, including the Super Visa, is refused, you may be eligible for a full refund under the following conditions:
    • A) If the visa refusal occurs before the effective date specified on your GMS medical insurance policy, there is no fee.
    • B) If the visa refusal occurs after the policy's effective date, and GMS is notified, there will be an administration fee of $40.

Partial Premium Refunds:

For partial refunds, an administration fee of $40 may be applicable in certain situations. These include:

a) Requesting a partial refund after your policy has become effective, in cases where no travel to Canada has taken place. The refund will be calculated from the date GMS was notified.

b) Early Departure: Returning to your country of origin before the expiry date on your GMS insurance policy. The refund will be calculated from the date you left Canada.

c) Becoming eligible for a Provincial Healthcare Plan while your GMS insurance policy is still in effect. The refund will be calculated from the day GMS was notified, not the effective date of your provincial insurance plan.

d) In the unfortunate event of a death occurring while the insurance coverage is ongoing, the refund will be calculated from the date of death.

It's essential to refer to the GMS Policy | Wording section on Refunds for a comprehensive list of details regarding refund availability and to understand the specific conditions and requirements for obtaining a refund. Please note that no refunds are issued if there were any claims initiated, pending, or paid during the coverage period with GMS, or if a refund is requested after the policy's expiry date. Certain exclusions may also apply.

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How to Make a Claim with GMS Insurance:

In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, it's crucial to follow specific procedures to ensure a smooth claims process. Here's a guide on how to make a claim with GMS Insurance:

Contact GMS Emergency Assistance Center:

  • In case of a medical emergency, you or someone on your behalf must contact GMS within 24 hours of the treatment occurrence or hospital admission. This is a critical step.
  • Failure to notify GMS Emergency Assistance Center within the first 24 hours in the event of treatment or hospitalization will limit insurance benefits. Benefits will be restricted to 70% of eligible expenses, up to the sum insured or $50,000.

Emergency Travel Assistance:

  • GMS provides 24-hour emergency travel assistance to support you during your medical emergency.

Contact Information:

  • Toll-Free (within Canada & USA): 1.800.459.6604
  • Collect (for all other locations): 905.762.5196

Emergency Reporting & Claim Submission:

  • After notifying GMS of a medical emergency, the following steps should be taken to proceed with a claim:
    • Fill out a Claim Form.
    • Gather medical records, including a complete diagnosis from the attending physician.
    • Collect all original medical receipts for treatment and prescription medication.
  • Send the completed claim form and all relevant receipts to the address provided by the GMS Emergency Assistant at the time of your call.

Limitation Period:

  • To ensure timely processing of your claim, please observe the following limitation periods: a) A written notice of the claim must be sent to GMS within 30 days after contacting the provider. b) Proof of the claim must be submitted to GMS as soon as possible and no later than 90 days after the sickness or injury occurred. c) Any eligible expenses should be submitted to GMS within 12 months from the date of the last eligible expense.

Following these steps and adhering to the limitation periods is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient claims process with GMS Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency, prompt and accurate communication is key to receiving the necessary assistance and benefits.

Rates for GMS Visitors & Immigrants Plan:

The following table provides the daily premium rates per person for the GMS Visitors & Immigrants Plan with a $1,000 deductible. Premium rates are categorized based on age and the selected coverage amount:







Under 18



$2.47 $2.72



$1.99 $2.75 $3.05



$2.32 $3.01 $3.36



$2.36 $3.05 $3.45



$3.22 $3.46 $4.00
65-69 $3.59 $3.99 $4.69 $5.88
70-74 $5.32 $6.67 $7.59 $9.52



$8.48 $10.19 $11.88


Please note that the deductible is applied to each claim. To determine rates for different deductible amounts:

  • For a $500 deductible, add 15% to the $1,000 deductible premium.
  • For a $100 deductible, add 30% to the $1,000 deductible premium.
  • For a $0 deductible, add 45% to the $1,000 deductible premium.

Additionally, the term "Dependent" refers to any unmarried child of you or your spouse, including step-children or adopted children, who are chiefly dependent upon you or your spouse for support and maintenance and are 18 years of age or under.Top of Form