Reasons For Why This Is The Perfect Time For Canadian Immigration

In light of the coronavirus pandemic this year, Canada released more ITAs by Express Entry than any other. You must start planning to take your new immigrant insurance, as the Canadian policies are turning in your favour.

So far, the Canadian federal government has welcomed 61,850 qualifying applicants to request permanent residency in Canada, and we expect that this figure will continue to grow in the coming months.

During the global pandemic, when the entire world was focused on closing its doors, Canada stepped in to welcome the new immigrants. If you are searching for education, residence or work, no country can be a better option than Canada. This blog contains all the reasons why now is the ideal time to move to Canada. The reasons are listed below:

Canada Is Student-friendly

Canada received more than 650,000 international post-secondary learners in 2019. More than 58,000 former international students have now become Canadian permanent residents.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Canada has shown continuing enthusiasm for international students. The federal government is making it simpler than ever to apply for a Canadian study visa.

Canada has now accepted more than 67,000 international students from 15 different countries this year. Studying in Canada unlocks a big number of doors for permanent immigrants to Canada, whether through a territorial candidate programme or through a federal immigration programme.

The Canadian Economy Is On The Boom

As per a new survey from Statistic Canada, more than one million jobs were introduced to the Canadian economy in the month of June. A healthy Canadian economy and labor market indicate that Canada's demand for foreign workers is growing. This is excellent news for potential permanent residents and candidates for job permits.

The Government of Canada has restored daily Express Entry draws. Offering invites to submit to candidates from all grades, including Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) and Federal Skilled Trades (FST).

You Can Reside In Canada Forever

Although a qualified worker could wait for decades to acquire permanent residence in the US, Canada's immigration system only requires skilled workers to apply automatically for permanent residence if they qualify for the programme.

Where permanent residence is given, a person shall have the freedom to live and work anywhere in the region of Canada, plus you can gain access to all the essential Canadian health and social services.

The Canadian Dream is The New American Dream

The number of immigrants arriving in Canada has been on the rise in recent years. From 2015 to 2019, the number of immigrants in Canada grew by 26%. In the meantime, the number of refugees in the United States dropped by 7% between 2016 and 2018. This pattern is likely to continue as immigration policies become more aggressive. American businesses are now looking at Canada for better ways to employ migrant professional employees.

According to Pearl Law's April research on global migration, administrators across key sectors have found that 83 per cent of administrators are now more likely to position their foreign talents in other countries, such as Canada; and 68 per cent who already work in Canada and have sent staff there previously are now planning to bring more. When US visa programmes become more conservative, Canada is ready to accept an unprecedented number of immigrants to COVID-19.

The Government of Canada continues to track the situation and develop ways to simplify the registration procedure. They encourage foreign nationals to begin updating their applications. Foreign nationals interested in developing a life in Canada should not be intimidated by the pandemic’s constraints. Still, they should see it as an incentive and the starting of their Canadian migration path.

It can be concluded that Canadian policies are more than welcoming now. After knowing all these benefits, you start preparing your application to immigrate to Canada. Do not forget to get your Ingle health insurance when moving to the land of opportunities.