We all know that Canada is famous for offering free health care. However, what we don’t know is that most of these services are available for permanent residents and Canadian citizens. Thus, all international students who attend school in this great country must look out for health insurance for the period of their study program.

The health care system in Canada varies from province to province. Therefore, all the foreign nationals who are planning to study in Canada must understand and get familiar with Canadian health care mainly offered by their province of study.

Various provinces cover international students under provincial health insurance plans; however, most of the provinces need students to first get registered with any private health insurance plan.

In several provinces that require foreign students to attain private health insurance, many educational institutions offer several health insurance packages to these students. In a few cases, schools may require students to register for their provided health insurance packages cases, schools may require students to register for their provided health insurance packages. However, other schools often allow students to quickly opt-out of their current student health insurance packages once the student proves that they are already receiving privacy health insurance from some other source Health Care Services by Province for Students.


Availability of Public Health Insurance: Foreign students in Ontario province are not allowed or eligible to get provincial Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Therefore, all Ontario’s higher education institutions provide health insurance plans available to international students. Also, public universities normally offer health insurance via UHIP or University Health Insurance Plan, while other private institutions and collages may give other providers’ options. The health insurance plans that are offered to foreign students by educational institutions are not free and usually come with a high cost that gets added to the university fees of students.


Availability of Public Health Insurance: Sometimes The Quebec province has reciprocity agreements with around ten countries that often enables residents of all these countries to get registered for free basic health insurance via RAMQ – Quebec’s Régie de l’assurancemaladie du Québec.

Thus, If the foreign student belongs to the country that isn’t covered by the reciprocity agreement, then the student will automatically get enrolled to buy the group health insurance plan presented by their educational institution. While there are numerous options, resources and tools available for foreign students wishing to avail private student insurance options, the best approach is to take the assistance of professionals who can guide you through the process and help you pick the best plan.

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