It is no secret that life can be unpredictable and we are, at times, frustrated by the circumstances, particularly in terms of our health. We often hear or share stories about the challenges that a person faces in terms due to an unfortunate illness or injury.

Our ancestors did not have as much access to the assets as we do today. Health care insurance for people is one of these resources. In essence, a travel insurance policy is meant to cover the required medical costs in the event that a covered person falls ill or is involved in an accident.

In simpler words, health insurance for new immigrants in Canadaor health insurance for those who are already residing in Canada can be used whenever you are travelling somewhere outside your country to cover a lot of costs, such as your doctor’s expenses, medicines, and others. The insurance would cover all of this if the situation is considered an emergency according to your policy.

The biggest reason to get a decent medical insurance policy while traveling around the world, particularly to Canada, is that medical care can be incredibly costly, which can place huge financial pressure on your finances. As a result, it is highly urged that you receive sufficient insurance coverage before embarking around the world.

Things to do in case of an emergency

Although the concept of a medical emergency differs by the insurance company, in general, an emergency is characterized as an unanticipated condition or accidental injury that arises while insurance is in place and generally requires immediate medical care from a professional medical practitioner.
The most important thing to consider is that you, or anyone on your behalf, must contact the Emergency Assistance Center right away. When an emergency occurs, you should notify the claims department as soon as possible.

It is critical to report an emergency because your insurance company will not handle your medical expenses unless you inform them of the need for the procedure that will take place.

In the event that you do not call to notify your insurance provider over the 24 hour period, the otherwise payable insurance premiums will be reduced by 20% for most of the companies but by 30% for GMS and 50% for INGLE.

Once you've called the Help Center and given them your insurance number, along with a short summary of your emergency, they'll give you advice about what to do next. Under the case with a reimbursement-based allegation, such as a doctor's appointment at a walk-in facility, pharmaceutical order, etc., you would usually need to fill out a Claim Request and send it along with original receipts for the treatments you are undergoing Numerous insurers, on the other hand, have direct billing solutions for hospitalization cases. Unless you have a premium that you must pay upfront, the insurance plan will take care of the bill immediately without you having to pay out of your own pocket.

With the exception of the policy number, you should be prepared to present them with evidence of your travel arrangements, medical history, and proof of payment if you have already paid for medical care. If additional information is necessary for claim processing, the agency can ask for it.

A medical emergency can cost you a fortune, so it is essential that you already arrange an alternative to compensate for the expenses, just in case if this happens. At Insurance4u, we have the best insurance companies working with us to give our clients the services they desire. Irrespective of the citizens residing in Canada, we also deal with health insurance for returning Canadian citizens and several others.