Visitor insurance is medical health insurance for travelers and for those going abroad to another country. This insurance covers your expenses in the case that you go through an accident, injury, sickness, or illness while travelling. Visitor insurance will cover your medical expenses when travelling regardless of your travel purpose, be it personal, business or tourism. People all around the world go for opting for visitor insurance because they would rather spend a little to get insurance than risk falling prey to huge medical bills. Usually, travelling to another country also brings with it a huge currency exchange rate, and this could mean that medical bills will pile up and cost you in multiples of what it may cost you in your own country.

Visitor insurance is bought as a health plan that gives you partial, semi-partial or complete coverage for your medical bills in a foreign country. This health plan is short-term and is only valid from the start till the end of your stay in a foreign country, or from the start of your exit from your own country until your re-entry on your way back.

For instance, the USA has a Presidential order since 2019 that requires and all visitors to the country to have valid and mandatory visitor medical insurance coverage. This was partly introduced to facilitate visitors since the USA encounters millions of them each year. With the cost of travelling comes the risk of falling sick and encountering illnesses and accidents. Before the Presidential order, visitors would often travel to the country and face problems due to healthcare in the country being insanely expensive without insurance coverage. However, that has now changed. Visitors are now obliged to purchase visitor insurance because it covers the complete cost of medical bills, and evacuation costs in case someone travelling to the country passes away during the trip. Travelers from UAE and the Schengen states are required to provide proof of purchasing visitor insurance before they are deemed qualified to receive the visitor visa.


How It Works

Visitor insurance works quite like other insurance packages. It is as simple as understanding the fact that you do not drive a car without getting car insurance or own a house without getting home insurance. Similarly, you should not travel to a foreign country without getting visitor insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, visitor insurance does not just cover your medical expenses. Visitors to Canada insurance also covers other unexpected obstacles such as lost luggage during transitions, damaged luggage, cancelled flights, death, and other emergencies. This contingency plan acts as a complete protection service that has your ends covered should you face issues while travelling. It is also important to note that when you are looking to buy a visitor insurance plan, make sure that your provincial insurance provider does not already cover your insurance when in another country. While most provincial insurance providers do not cover your expenses on foreign travel, it is still better to ask rather than spending money on it. If your provincial insurance provider does not cover your visitor insurance, make sure that whatever company you choose to buy from, has your eligibility in their criteria. A lot of companies do not cover individuals who are over 65, while some also have a few other requirements. If you do not fit their frame of eligibility, look for another visitor insurance provider who may have you covered in their eligibility criteria.