The holiday season is approaching. So along with preparing for your road trip and booking your flight, travelers are encouraged to avail the right and the most suitable health insurance to prevent being on the hook for a surprisingly substantial medical bill. Many insurance experts have witnessed the scenarios of people being treated in hospitals and later on facing thousands of dollars hospital bills, despite availing health insurance. In such cases, the insurance company simply refuses to provide coverage to their medical cost for several reasons including how among many questions, one of the questions wasn’t answered properly on the initial policy application form. However, you can avoid these woes by following some of these experts’ tips:

Read and Review the Policy and Coverage Thoroughly

While this sounds obvious, remember, that your travel health coverage or plan isn’t a full medical plan. In other words, it is more of a travel emergency plan. Therefore, you must review the entire policy so that you don’t miss out on policy’s eligibility requirements, restrictions and limitations – suggests President of the Travel Health Insurance Industry Association of Canada, David Hartman. Reviewing the plan is the question of if you fully understand the limits if you know for what specific period of time and how for long it is good for, if there are any limits or otherwise, age restrictions. Also, be certain if your insurance provider is willing to pay for the expenses directly or if you must pay the medical bills and you will be reimbursed later.

Be Honest

The primary reason why claims get rejected is that people fail to fill out their given medical questionnaire accurately. It is necessary to disclose all known medical conditions. For this, experts suggest to seek the assistance of a health care professional in case of any confusion related to questions. Also, travel policies need a ‘stability period’. It means that if your health changes in any possible way, for instance, a change in medicines, from the time you availed the policy, you need to inform the insurer in order to avoid the possible coverage problems. Remember, there is no free health care available across Canada. While several medical services are indeed covered throughout Canada, a few emergency expenses are not such as a bill for hiring an air ambulance. So before you plan to visit Canada, get visitors insurance<> that will also provide coverage in emergencies. This is important to protect yourself from huge medical costs.

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