Canada is a country full of natural sites and urban delights. It's one of the few places in the world where you can find such a wide variety of both wildlife and cultural offerings. This nation is stunningly beautiful too- it has mountains, prairies, forests, and so much more.


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Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning for the first time, these are 5 fabulous places to see in Canada. But be sure to plan ahead, because as the world's second-largest country, you just won't be able to see everything in one trip.

1. Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a beautiful national park that's tucked away in the Canadian Rockies. Often, when people visit Banff National Park, it's because it provides total solitude from society without a destination. The park offers an untouched piece of the globe for those who are looking to escape from their normal routine.


If you take a closer look, you'll find that there are two popular routes through the park. Both of these routes are full of jaw-dropping scenery, from gorgeous multi-colored lakes and dramatic canyons to magnificent viewpoints and majestic waterfalls. The choice is yours as far as where your car goes - but whether you walk or ride isn't a big deal.


Active travelers can have an adventure all their own with the chance to snowshoe or paddle the lake amid wildlife watchers. Banff National Park is filled with animals, and this includes the most eagerly anticipated animal sight the grizzly bear.


Banff is the primary settlement of the national park, offering plenty of lodging, shopping, and dining. The Icefields Parkway connects Lake Louise with other smaller villages; including Lake Minnewanka and Sunshine Meadows.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada has a beautiful climate, and it's a great place to go outdoors. It has lots of history, culture, and gorgeous scenery. Better yet, you'll be sure to have plenty of things to do with all the great places to visit in the city.


Whether you're looking for the perfect day out or simply want a change in scenery, Vancouver's endless options offer endless inspiration. You can easily find your next perfect activity at any time of year.


If you're exploring the area for a couple of days and would be interested in visiting one of the nearby hot spots, such as Whistler, Victoria or some of the smaller towns in the Fraser Valley or mountains, we recommend taking a day trip from Vancouver.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a mesmerizing force of nature known for its power and impressive natural beauty. When you take in the falls from the vantage point of Horseshoe Falls, you're rewarded with beautiful views shaped by the tremendous amount of water cascading into the gorges below.


You can enjoy so many things in Niagara Falls, it's hard to choose just one. Check out the adventurous sights around Niagara Falls or try your hand at something adrenaline-pumping like a Wildplay Zipline flight through Canada's longest zip line or a two-wheel biking adventure on the Greater Niagara Circle Route!

4. Toronto

Toronto is Canada's cultural hot spot, with great ballet, opera, symphony, and Broadway shows. It's also home to the landmark CN Tower. Add incredible shopping and fine dining, visit our 3-million-square-foot museum that spans two levels of culture and history (and is the world's third largest), and there is no end to the fun.


Toronto's waterfront has seen continued development in recent years and now offers beautiful walking areas, restaurants, outdoor concerts, and cultural performances during the summer.


There are plenty of beaches near Toronto that offer a great escape in the summer. Within the city, there is a public rink in the winter with events like Winterlicious, not to mention ski resorts that are close by if you want to take a day trip.

5. Montreal 

The beautiful city of Montreal is known for its history, its old-world charm, and its majestic mountain views. One of the most touristy parts of Montreal in Old Montreal. The heart of the city consists of cobblestone streets and 19th-century buildings, providing an atmosphere that's perfect for wandering. A short drive from this area will bring you to a wide variety of parks and beaches as well as more family-friendly attractions such as Casa Loma and Mont-Royal.


Montreal is a dynamic city with tons of options for entertaining visitors. It's home to fashion designers, high-end boutiques, and quaint hotels right in the center of the city. English speakers shouldn't have any trouble communicating with anyone as they peruse the throng of tourist attractions.