If you've always dreamed of spending time in Canada, this is your chance. At 9.8 million square kilometers, it's the country with the second-largest land area on earth. Along the way, you'll see things like glacier-carved peaks, bird-filled marshes, and so much more. In such great experiences, there are many circumstances that occur on your trip. So, it is important to have travel Insurance. Insurance4u provides the best Travel Insurance to make your trip safe and happily. 


There'll be plenty of stops for you to take in the views, sample local experiences and rest your road trip-weary head too. Many Canadians visit Canada's provinces and territories to see different parts of the country or just to have a good time. Here's a list of the best road trips in Canada, and you'll never be short on things to do. Get ready to take your pick - start your engine!

1. Sunshine Coast (Gibsons to Lund)

The Sunshine Coast provides a stunning drive, with some moments along the way that are almost too beautiful to believe. It's a quick trip from Vancouver, and it only takes you about 180 km away. The small village of Lund makes for an inviting destination and is the perfect place to escape when you're looking for peace on earth.


Visit Roberts Creek Provincial Park, or keep going to the expansive Garden Bay Lake, a fantastic place to have a picnic.


Why not visit Powell River and enjoy the scenic beaches along the way with your family? When you're finished, you can head back to Vancouver for a swim in the sandy waters of Palm Beach or Willingdon Beach.


2. Sea-to-Sky Highway (Vancouver to Pemberton)

From Vancouver to Pemberton, you'll enjoy the breathtaking west coast passage via Highway 99.


Beginning in Vancouver and following the shore of Howe Sound, our route climbs through old-growth rainforests before reaching the tourist city of Whistler. At an altitude of more than 670 meters, it's the perfect resort escape.


When you visit this iconic Western Canada experience, the beauty of nature and the cultural attractions are no wonder it's named a National Historic Site. The Britannia Mine Museum is one of the top places to go, where you can take guided tours of the mines.

3. Banff-Windermere Highway (Castle Junction to Radium Hot Springs)

The beautiful and scenic Banff-Windermere Highway is a 94-kilometer highway that takes you deep into Kootenay National Park in the heart of the forest. It's still recovering from a devastating fire that befouled the land.


As you journey through this breathtaking portion of the Vermilion Range, there are many points of interest along the way. Highlights of the view include the Kootenay Valley Viewpoint, which provides fascinating views. That includes the Mitchell and Vermilion mountain ranges.


At the end of the day, after a long drive, take some time to relax in the Radium Hot Springs pools. These pools are regarded as one of the best in British Columbia and are definitely worth visiting.

4. Yellowhead Highway (Jasper to Prince George)

The Yellowhead Highway, which stretches from Jasper to Prince George, offers many scenic views of the Prairie Provinces.


Crowds of people come from all over, day in and day out, to experience the fantastic Canadian nature.


Whether you're traveling by car or bus, Yellowhead Highway offers a wide variety of natural resources and adventures. Check out the many ways to explore the highway with your family.

5. Maligne Lake Road (Jasper to Maligne Lake)

There are many opportunities to spot wildlife when driving along this winding 46-kilometer road. In the early morning, you'll have a better chance of seeing animals. If possible, plan your drive for when it's light outside so you can see even more impeding creatures.


During the trip, stop and admire Medicine Lake and the Athabasca River. It must be an amazing sight.