Planning a trip to Canada this winter? Here are a few things to know before heading north of the border, so you'll have a safe and fun time on your vacation.


Canada is the world's largest country, and that's saying something. It has stunning coastlines, a rich history, many diverse cultures, and almost 40 million people. It's not the same destination for everyone. Here we share some practical tips for traveling to Canada this winter;

  1. Be Prepared for the Weather

It is important for Canadians to know about the weather in Canada, so as many people experience a non-believable climate, some of Canada does experience an unusually cold winter or scorching summer. A winter visit to Winnipeg will be very different from a summer visit to the Rocky Mountains or Vancouver Island.


No matter what time of year you visit Canada, this country features different climate zones, making weather and temperature norms vary wildly.

  1. Check the Visa & Entry Requirements

Travelers to Canada will need either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to travel. Passports are also required to enter Canada. Additionally, all adults must provide COVID-19 vaccination and proof of passport upon entry.


Check government sites with information on the Canadian ETA or Canadian visa process. Once you know this, you can secure an ETA or a visa online at the Government of Canada website.

  1. Get Travel Insurance for Canada

Tourism in Canada is expected to increase as well, with 80 million visitors. Having travel insurance will prepare you for any surprise and guarantee your safety, which could save you a lot of money. Insurance4u guides you in choosing the best travel insurance that fits your needs.


The guideline is that most policies require you to buy additional insurance if you're planning on doing "risky" activities. If you plan on doing scuba diving or skiing, make sure to have extra coverage in your policy.

  1. Get into the Nature


Canada's natural landscapes, like forests and mountains, are truly something to behold. They're filled with amazing things to see, from grizzly bears to lichen-covered cliffs.


People often ask me what I recommend doing while in Canada. As someone who loves to explore, there are endless things to do here, but if you want to be close to nature and get some exercise, a visit to one of the National Parks is a must.

  1. Hang out to more areas

If you only have a certain number of days to explore Canada this winter, it's time to take some time off from your busy schedule and explore the beautiful country. So start planning now, because when you're done with this article, we'll assume that you've made up your mind.


Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary have the busiest international airports in Canada although smaller cities such as Winnipeg, Regina, Kelowna, Halifax, Quebec City, St. John's, and Charlottetown are easily accessible as well.