Canadian insurance companies are quite helpful and offer a great deal of amazing and personalized health coverage policies for individuals returning to Canada from abroad or often from a different Canadian territory or province.

Certainly, coming back home after a long adventure is indeed wonderful. This makes you feel absolutely ready and refreshed to get back to your routine.

However, most people let this feeling of excitement make them forget about their personal safety. There is a possibility of your Provincial Health Insurance to be put on hold during the period you were away. It is particularly true with residents who return to YT, SK, QC, BC, or ON and where there are around 2-3 months waiting period before you can expect your government health coverage to get reactivated.

So, the two of the most important questions are:

1) How does returning Canadians insurance work?

In case you are a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada and your medical care plan (provincial) is deactivated due to the absence, you may not be able to keep yourself protected from the costs of an urgent health care need with your Medical Emergency Insurance plan.

Also, if you return to live in YT, BC, ON, SK, or QC then your provincial health insurance plan can take around 2-3 months to start once you fully arrive and restore your residence

TThis type of coverage remains active while you are present in Canada or when taking a quick and short side-trip to any other county around the world as long as your stay in Canada is longer than the side-trip duration. This doesn’t include the country of the previous residence.

2) Who must opt for Returning Canadian Insurance?

In a situation where you reside in Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia and the government health insurance plan is now on hold because of your long term stay outside, you may be subjected to a waiting period of up to 93 days approximately before the government health care plan actually kicks in. However, the above condition doesn’t apply to all other territories and provinces across Canada. Therefore, you may keep the money secured for any possible medical emergency and avoid payment of unnecessary expenses of purchasing any private health insurance designed for returning Canadians

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