Moving, or planning to move, anywhere is not the same anymore in the pandemic. You have to go through additional precautions and measures than you previously would have. Even though Canada has relaxed its policies and welcomed the world with open arms after the spread of Coronavirus 2019. Making sure you have everything in the right place to travel to Canada can be a real challenge, particularly right now. Because of COVID-19, you must either be isolated for 14 days or face a fine or jail time when you arrive in Canada. It's critical that you have a strategy for when you arrive. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you travel to Canada to ensure that you are adequately prepared for 14 days of isolation.

Have you decided on the isolation location in the city where you will arrive?

Before any further delay, international flights arrive at four Canadian airports: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. You'll need to find a place to stay for 14 days after you arrive where you'll feel safe shielding yourself. Make sure you have plenty of access to books, magazines, TV and all other entertainment types that you might need during this time.

Who is vulnerable at the location where you are arriving?

You would not want to infect the people you meet. Make sure that there are not people who are vulnerable to viruses.
This can include individuals who meet the following criteria:
● People who are over 60 years of age
● Individuals who had a medical disorder, such as coronary disease, elevated blood pressure, asthma or other lung diseases, diabetes, chemotherapy, immune deficiency, or prednisone treatment.
If so, you're going to have to find another place to isolate yourself, such as a hotel.

Have you arranged private conveyance from the airport to your point of isolation?

You would not be allowed to take public transit, like commuter buses, trains and subways. This could mean that you need to pay a little extra money to get to your point of isolation, so make sure to prepare for that.

Do you have any plan to get food or groceries during the quarantine?

After landing in Canada, you will be able to find the applications for grocery and meal delivery. This can be a perfect way to keep your pantry and refrigerator completely stocked during your isolation time. You can also take help from online grocery stores. Always make sure to opt for online payments.

Do you have medical insurance?

New immigration medical insurance is essential for people moving to Canada for the first time. Manulife insurance for new immigrants is ideal for you if you will be getting travel insurance for the first time. This will help you in covering all your emergency medical bills, which might turn out to be a burden on your financial budget.

Do you have a medical face-covering mask for travelling?

If you don't have one, airport officials can supply you with a face mask to fly to your isolation spot. You might find your own face-covering more convenient, as you search for the one that perfectly fits your face. You can also search for the ones that match with your airport outfit so that you can feel more confident while wearing a mask. So make sure you carry one of them to the airport.

Do you have enough money and necessities to cover up the period of 14 days?

Packing anything and everything you can need for a 14-day duration is the perfect way to get closer to your first two weeks in Canada. You're going to need to think hard about what you're going to need during this period. This can include everything from the right currency and utilities, such as tissues and towels. After knowing all these important points, you will be able to spend 14 days peacefully in your quarantine, without running out of anything essential. Plan your trip smartly and try to foresee and overcome all the possible issues and hurdles.