Foreign students willing to study in Canada must avail health insurance as it is a mandatory requirement by some Canadian colleges and universities. In Canada, health insurance for foreign students usually varies from location to location. Also, it may depend upon the insurance provider.

According to the Canada Insurance plan, to obtain health insurance, the yearly average premium ranges from CAD 500 to even CAD 900. For your further assistance, some of the renowned insurance firms that can be approached by the students for health insurance are:

(1) TuGo

(2) Manulife Financial

(3) Sun Life

(4) Allianz Global

(5) Cowan Insurance Group

(6) Ingle International

(7) Greenshield

The various insurance plans offered by such firms include various common benefits but each benefit’s limit may vary from plan to plan. Some of the benefits offered by these firms include:

  1. Physical charges
  2. Hospital accommodation and expenses
  3. Prescription drugs
  4. Private nurse
  5. Diagnostic services
  6. Paramedical services
  7. Medical appliances
  8. Trauma counseling
  9. Psychiatric treatment
  10. Dental accident treatment

International Insurance Plans and Types

Foreign students have the option to select one particular insurance program that fully suits their needs. However, the decision should be made after thoroughly examining the different insurance types on offer. This may include:

Foreign student health insurance: The insurance plan is designed for students who pursue their education in a different country. The insurance type provides benefits like mental health, emergency medical evacuation and sports injuries. International major medical insurance: the insurance plan is long-term and is for people who live outside their country for around one year. The insurance plan is renewable annually and offers coverage for both individuals as well as their families. Some of the features of this plan include:

(1) Flexible coverage options

(2) High policy amounts

(3) Injuries or pre-existing conditions coverage

(4) Long-term coverage

(5) Childbirth coverage

International travel medical insurance: the insurance plan is designed for people who often travel abroad. The plan is generally valid for around two years. It can also be used as a supplement to some other medical insurance plan, already in place. The plan offers one key benefit of emergency medical evacuation.

Some of the features of this insurance plan include:

(1) Greater coverage at reasonable amounts

(2) Worldwide coverage

(3) Travel assistance as in concierge services and money transfers

(4) Travel related benefits like documentation assistance and misplaced luggage

(5) Coverage for dependents and family.

in short, student insurance plans offer many benefits to foreign students. Also, applying for student insurance in Canada Insurance 4U is easy if you follow the right procedures and go with only the best service provider.

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