Super visa insurance has now become a basic requirement in every 21st-century insurance Canada. However one cannot always tell if every policy offered by the insurance companies complies with citizen’s regulations in the country. Therefore before you buy Manulife super visa travel insurance, it is vital to check all the essential characteristics in your desired policy.

Before we begin to enumerate the necessary things you need to look for, here is a brief definition of Manulife super visa insurance.

What is Super visa insurance?

With the rising number of immigrants in the country, there came a requirement for healthcare insurance for the visitors. So, be it IEC travel insurance Canadaor Super visa insurance the purpose has been the same.

The Canadian government recognizes how tough it is to live without your loved ones. Therefore, the country has opened up its welcoming arms for the relatives of Canadian citizens by offering immigration options. By having a Canadian super visa, you as a permanent resident of the country can make your parents and grandparents come and stay with you for a while. This amazing program can allow a lot of entries and that too for up to a decade! So if you want to spend Christmas, Eid, or Dewali with your parents, super visa insurance would help you get them here.

Here are some of the major characteristics you need to hawkishly look for:

(1) Validity of one year

You must bear in mind that your super visa medical insurance ought to be valid for at least one complete year. Ideally, it should start from the day your parents and grandparents are stepping their foot in the country. This is necessary to make sure that the elders of your family have adequate coverage for the entire time they are staying in Canada.

(2) Shields from reparation and medical expenses

Another factor that you need to be mindful of is healthcare coverage. You must realize that this policy not just offers basic healthcare but also covers hospitalization fees and repatriation. Reparation should be covered as one might need it if the unavoidable circumstances make them go back to their home country.

(3) Coverage of at least $100,000

To ensure that the senior members of your family get the best quality of healthcare, your super visa policy should be covering a hundred thousand dollars at a minimum. While Canada is famous for its generosity in healthcare, the matter of fact is Canadian residents that are non-Canadaian are usually not covered with their provincial subsidies. This is why it is super imperative to have medical insurance that also works for visitors.

(4) Available validity for all entries

The insurance policy selected by you should always be valid for every time you come to stay in Canada. Therefore, it is highly incumbent to always weigh the total cost of your insurance premium and compare it with the length of your visits. This is the ideal way to figure out the best deal that is present out there.

(5) The verifiability

This point is probably the most important and the most common one, as everyone knows that any insurance company is mandated to provide the applicants with documents that could only be verified by a port officer. This is necessary as it enables the Immigration authorities of Canada to be completely sure about every aforementioned condition. Consequently, this helps the applicant to avoid refusal of their entries.

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