Being away from family is one of the hardest things that anyone has to go through. People have been worried about their families in foreign lands. However, Canada recognizes thi and provides its permanent residents with an option to keep their families together in Canada. There is a special visa known as the Super Visa that allows Canadian residents to reunite with their parents and grandparents through it. It allows the visa holders to visit and stay in Canada for up to two years. It is a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to spend time with their Canada-settled families.

These Super Visas have proven to be most effective for families with parents in remote countries. It is also known as the Parents and GrandParents Visa and allows holders multiple entries over a decade. It means that your parents or grandparents can come to visit you for 2 years multiple times under a single Super Visa. This program has become so successful that people are opting for it along with Super Visa insurance. You can spend plenty of time with your close family members thanks to this visa program. Whether it’s celebrating Christmas, Chinese New Year, or any other festival close to your heart, this program is your easiest way to bring your families close once again.


How can you get this Visa?

The process for getting a Super Visa is fairly easy. All you need to do is sign up a letter of invitation in the name of your parents/grandparents with a minimum income requirement. This letter will be submitted by the visitors along with their proof of visitor medical insurance. The Super Visa medical insurance should also cover at least a year of medical expenses from the time of entry.


Why do you need Super Visa Insurance?

Getting a super visa health insurance is crucial for getting entry into Canada through the proper channel. Medical expenses can be expensive especially if it is for senior citizens. People of bigger age are more likely to get sick. Therefore, the insurance provides the certainty that all their medical expenses are covered for at least a year.


Can you select a Super Visa Insurance Policy on your own?

You can certainly choose an insurance policy on your own but there are complications. Most of the health insurance policies have technical grounds in them which makes it hard to read between the lines. Therefore, we suggest taking assistance from an insurance expert to maximize your chances of choosing the right policy for your parent’s trip. It may cost you a little extra but at least you can be assured that you will not encounter any problems after their arrival.


What is the minimum coverage requirement?

There are a few important requirements before you choose your insurance plan. For example, every parent or grandparent should have insurance of CAD 100,000 at the time of their entry. This amount should exist on their entry each time. However, you do not have to worry because this kind of insurance will only cost you around CAD 100-$200 each month. You can make sure that your visitors have a safe and problem-free stay with your family. The actual price of your insurance depends on the plan you choose and the insurer you choose.

That being said, the Super Visa is a great initiative to keep parents and grandparents connected to their children and extended family. So, ensure getting an insurance plan for your dear ones before their visit to avoid any future complications. You can find tons of online guides and experts to help you out in this process.