If you are familiar with the term insurance, you must know that health insurance provides medical expense coverage to an insured individual. The program helps in reimbursing the medical expenses that usually or likely to incur because of illness or any sort of injury that would need a direct payment to be made to the care provider.

Why international students must get health insurance?

Well, if you are studying in a foreign country like Canada, you must get health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay. In some cases, there is no visa requirement to hold a health insurance plan but many institutions still insist on acquiring one. These institutions do not accept admission applications unless you provide them with overseas health insurance.

Some of the most common reasons why students avail of health insurance include

No sponsored healthcare by the government

Commonly, government-funded healthcare is usually not available or valid for international students. Moreover, the cost of health is generally high and it also increases annually. Therefore, if being an international student, you do not possess any health insurance, you may end up facing a medical emergency and paying hefty hospital bills from your pocket

Less Expenditure

It is to be noted that even if international student holds health insurance, they may be required to pay some amount out of their pocket in the event of a medical emergency. This paid amount comprises deductibles and taxes. Still, this amount holds no significance in comparison to what you may have to pay in case you didn’t avail of health insurance. For instance, if an international student has no health insurance, the basic MRI scan may cost around CAD 900 to up to CAD 2400 as per the Canadian Magnetic Imagining.

Doctor Discount

The same goes for the doctor’s consultation fee as you may be charged a hefty fee in case you don’t possess a health insurance plan. Also, some insurance companies often have tie-ups with different doctors that allows you to pay very less consultation fee. So, if you are willing to take the advantage of any of the student insurance service’s dedicated benefits, you must get familiar with the standardized features of their international health insurance plans. These plans usually cover mental health, pre-existing injuries, injuries, sports, hospitalization, maternity expenses, and prescriptions.

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