Most Canadians are aware of the benefits of having travel insurance when they travel outside the country, but they do not know that it can be equally beneficial if you are travelling within the country. Travel protection generally includes medical insurance and cancellation but insurance when travelling within the country can also bring you a lot of advantages.

The official governmental department does not sell travel insurance within the country, but we still suggest getting travel insurance for visitors to Canada from someone else. You can find plenty of travel agents and professionals who might be willing to do it for you. It will not only keep you in the green zone but also ensure that you have a fantastic trip even when travelling within Canada.

A full fletched travel insurance will help you have the surety that you are ready to tackle any unforeseen situation even if you do not have the money to pay for it. These policies are in high demand because people are inclining towards internal travel since international travel is banned in most areas. If you are still not sure if you need travel insurance while travelling within Canada, then let us look at some of the major benefits of having insurance in such a situation.


Not All Medical Expenses Are Covered with Provincial Insurance

We know that most Canadians believe that their insurance policies cover all their medical expenses and medical care in Canada is free. However, it is not true since multiple technicalities may leave you without an option in an emergency. It is important to note that the provincial insurances cover a few basic things, and you should always purchase a full fletched insurance policy if you want to make sure that you are always covered.


Ambulance Costs Are Not Covered.

Another problem with medical expenses is it is not just the treatment costs that you need to worry about. There is a separate charge for the ambulance, especially when they are ordered by a patient during a medical emergency because of which ambulance services are one of the most incurring expenses related to medical treatments. A simple ambulance ride could cost you hundreds of dollars while an air ambulance will cost you thousands of dollars. You never know what kind of situation you might have to deal with in medical troubles, so it is best to stay vigilant when you head out on a journey even within the country.


Additional Medical Expenses Covered.

There are other medical expenses that a standard provincial insurance does not cover but having full insurance might help you with.

Some prescription drugs- the standard provincial insurance does not cover all the prescription drugs and having full insurance will provide you with the insurance of being financially covered.

Dental emergencies- You will not get coverage for dental emergencies either, so it is best to buy travel insurance if you do not want to spend your whole vacation with a bleeding mouth.

Costs that exceed the daily limits- there are many emergency services or outpatient services that are no longer covered by provincial insurance once they reach the limit. So, we suggest buying an insurance policy if you do not want to be stuck with treatment because you have hit the insurance limit.


Company Dependency

If you hold an insurance policy given by your employer or the company that you work in then you should be vigilant. The company can revoke or stop your insurance anytime even in the middle of a local Canadian vacation. It is best to be on the safe side and have insurance of your own when you leave for a trip with family, friends or solo.


Luggage Insurance

Having travel insurance for local travel will also ensure that your valuables and belonging are insured in case you lose them. You can have the peace of being financially secure if you face a medical situation during your local trip. So, it is best to be a smart traveler and make sure that you are prepared for everything before you go on your trip.



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