One of the hardest things when moving to a new country is to be far away from loved ones. Thankfully, the Canadian government understands this challenge and has provided different immigration options for people, hoping to keep their families together

The most popular program offered for family reunification is the Super Visa program for grandparents and parents.

The Canadian Super Visa lets Canadian citizens’ parents and grandparents and permanent residents travel to Canada and stay with relatives – for up to two years. Also, the program offers multiple entries and up to ten years that gives you and your family sufficient time to spend together

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to avail Super Visa, grandchildren, and children need to provide a letter of invitation. They must meet the minimum income requirements. Grandparents and parents then submit their letters along with their proof of obtaining Canadian medical insurance. However, Super Visa insurance must also meet the minimum requirements and should cover a minimum of one year from the date of entry to Canada.

Super Visa Insurance – The Minimum Required Coverage Levels

You need to purchase Super Visa insurance from any Canadian insurance company. The insurance must cover repatriation, health care, and hospitalization and have at least CAD 100,000 as the minimum coverage level, valid for every time the grandparent or parent enters Canada.

At the time of entry, the grandparent or parent should present their proof of Canadian Super Visa insurance to the officer present at the port of entry.

The Cost of Super Visa Medical Insurance

As per the aggregated research, Super Visa insurance’s average cost in 2019 was CAD 1660/year per traveler. However, the coverage options and costs may vary based on your territory and province. The Super Visa Insurance can be availed for one grandparent or parent or a couple. If a couple is traveling together, it may save a few bucks over the individual purchase of Super Visa insurance policies.

What are the alternatives to Super Visa Insurance?

If you or any of your relatives fail to meet the Super Visa qualifications, you can avail of other options for insurance for travelers and travel visas. Most people use visitor visas as they stay for less than six months or only use their passports if coming from some visa-exempt country. Also, relatives having a 10-year multiple entry visa that enables them to stay only for six months may also be eligible for insurance for visitors to Canada.

In short, Canada offers a clear commitment to keeping families together. So, if you want to spend some time with your family, or stay close to watch your grandchildren grow up, the Super Visa is the solution you can opt for.

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