For young people around the world, who are seeking better education and work opportunities, Canada is one of the most popular destinations. While visiting a foreign country is really exciting, you have several conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to receive a Canadian visa. One of the criteria is that proper IEC/Working Holiday Visa health insurance be given.
Here's what you should consider when searching for working holiday travel insurance.

Medical care coverage

It is the most significant factor, as it affects not just your overall coverage, but also your opportunity to receive a visa. You will be required to show documentation of insurance that must cover medical treatment, hospitalization and repatriation when meeting with a border official. If you do not have proper insurance, your visa will be rejected. Furthermore, you must extend your insurance for the remainder of your stay. In the case your insurance is not extended, the visa may be terminated.

Sports coverage

The majority of young people come to Canada to compete in the country's popular winter sports. If you want to compete in sports, make sure that it is either included in your schedule or available as an add-on. The majority of policies provide coverage for outdoor activities, such as hiking or riding.
Make sure you're covered if you intend on competing in extreme sports. Be extremely careful: the concept of extreme sports ranges from organization to organization, so consulting with an experienced agent before making a transaction is advisable. If you are a professional athlete, you may need to request extra coverage because your actions will fall outside of the usual coverage limit.

Coverage for up to 2 years

One of the most important issues when obtaining insurance is whether it will be necessary to fulfil the conditions of a Working Holiday visa. Your insurance must be available for the entirety of your stay in order to secure a full one or two-year visa.

Flight to Canada coverage

On the way to Canada, there may be a possibility of acquiring an illness or an injury, while in route. Some policies do not cover such things, so make sure it is included in your chosen plan. It will be a nightmare to begin your adventure in the hospital and then be forced to deal with hospital bills that your insurance won't cover.

Side trips coverage

While Canada is a lovely place, there is so much more to see in the world. When acquiring Working Holiday policies, make sure to inquire about compensation for your side trips to other countries. Who knows, maybe you'll get bored of snowboarding and want to unwind on a Mexican beach?

Your policies will follow you and have equivalent coverage to that which you have in Canada. As long as you spend the rest of your time in Canada, your standard coverage would compensate you.

Trip break advantage

If you are homesick, wish to see relatives for Christmas, or have a medical emergency and need to return to your home country, what can you do? Check to see if the package provides a trip break advantage, which helps you to return home without losing coverage. You are insured on the trip or in travel to and from Canada, even though you are not covered in your home country. If you intend on living in the country longer, communicate with your insurance company about ending your plan and buying it back when you return to Canada.

The aforementioned tips will surely help you to choose the best working holiday visa Canada insurance companies. In order to get insurance for your friends or family, visit Insurance 4U. We have the best insurance agencies in Canada working with them.