Every time you visit a new country, everyone suggests you apply for health insurance for new immigrants, and marketing companies keep mentioning the horrors of not applying for your health insurance. Considering all of this, you might be ill-prepared to face any problem related to your health insurance. Since we want to keep everything honest with our customers, we have collected some common problems that you might confront after buying your medical insurance for new immigrants.So if you want to make an informed decision regarding your insurance, this is the blog for you!

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1 . There could be a very long coverage gap

If you are a Canadian citizen who is coming back to Canada after a very long time, you might have to wait very long before your provincial insurance restarts. This means you should refrain from getting sick or injured, otherwise, you will be subjected to an extremely high bill.


2. Insurance trouble while moving to Canada

If you are a citizen of Canada who has to move out to another province, there is a good chance you would be required to wait for very long before your insurance plan would kick in.
Although waiting is not a problem for healthy and young people who rarely get sick, it can be a serious issue for the ones with grave health dilemmas. Therefore, if you also require constant medical attention, you would need to apply for private insurance plans.

Most of the time, provinces have mutual agreements to offer temporary coverage, however, there are a couple of issues here. First off, you would not be offered any direct billing in this case, and as a result, you would have no choice but to wait for the reimbursement and would be required to pay for everything per se. Secondly, while you submit your claim, you would be subjected to fill a plethora of papers and wait for an indefinite time to get your efforts’ worth.

The province you were residing in earlier is also subject to cover for your medical treatment, but their percentage of coverage is too little. That is mainly because internal guidelines of Canada agree to only cover very little of the cost of your treatment. Moreover, this already trivial cost keeps fluctuating. For instance, the province you live in might has different criteria and standards for coverage from the province you are moving in.


3. Insurance hurdle while traveling abroad

If you have been planning to leave Canada, either because of your job, expedition, or just learning experience, you must talk to an insurance consultant and ask them if there is any way for you to pause your health insurance. This latter part of the question is extremely essential because whether you are a permanent Canadian resident or a temporary immigrant, medical health insurance is pricey for everyone. If your provincial insurance is on the brink of ending, you should already start looking for options that have nothing to do with provincial coverage. Therefore, before leaving Canada you should also inquire about the application process of insurance for new immigrants. Doing so will also help you because one can never tell how long it will take them to come to their motherland.


4. Issues with international student health insurance

Canada is home to people from many different backgrounds and therefore many international students choose Canada for their higher education. However, because of the extensive process and constant delays, many students give up on regular insurance plans and end up purchasing private insurance.

We hope this blog has provided you with some perspective, so now you can stay prepared and deal with insurance issues in a much smarter way.