Everything You Need To Know About Essential Travelling To Canada

While there are still travelling restrictions in many countries due to Covid-19, Canada has lately given definition to what we call, Essential travel. At the moment, travellers, such as immediate relatives of Canadian citizens, international students and temporary foreign workers are exempt from the traveller restrictions from the Canadian government. However, medical insurance for international students in Canada should be taken seriously, as students are the most vulnerable population in the face of crises.

Whether you are a student who has applied for Canadian University or a traveller who longs to see a relative in Canada, you need to explain that your trip is of critical nature. Furthermore, it is also essential for travellers to get themselves insured through renowned brands, like JF insurance.

Get Yourself Isolated During The Travel

Other than confining themselves to an enclosed place for 14 days after landing to the destination, it is crucial for travellers to illustrate a comprehensible quarantine plan for a couple of following weeks. The travellers are also required to make sure there are no vulnerable individuals in the place of their quarantine. It is also mandatory for them to tell how and from where they will be getting their groceries and necessary medications.

Give Reasons for Essential Travel

After the explanation of your intention of travel, the officers at the airport will eventually determine, whether you are allowed to go or not. Any invalid reason will not get you inside Canada.
The following are considered valid reasons to get inside Canada:
1. Immediate medical care
2. A sick family member in need of assistance.
3. Studying in Canadian University
4. Supply chains and Economic services
5. Indigenous communities require help.

Optional Visits

Travelling for recreation and tourism is considered to be entertainment by the Canadian government, therefore, travels such as those fall under the label of Non-discretionary travelling. If you are applying to visit your family in Canada or coming back from vacation, you won’t be granted permission during these critical times.

Coming to Canada to celebrate the birth of a new addition to the family, or visiting a place that is not your permanent resident, will also be deemed as an optional travelling. Since congregation of any sort is strictly limited, you cannot come to Canada to attend the funeral of a loved one. Whether you are a relative of a permanent Candian resident or not, taking an optional trip to Canada is certainly out of limit.

It is incumbent for the traveller to demonstrate that their trip is necessary, either because they are prospective Canadian residents or are coming to stay with their immediate relatives.

Travel Exemptions

In addition to the valid reasons stated above, you can also visit Canada to take care of sick or Old family members in the country. Though you would need to explain and prove that the sick family member is unable to take care of themselves and there is nobody in Canada, who can dedicate their time to see them on a regular basis. Foreigners who are visiting Canada for the intent of providing emotional and moral support to their Canadian relatives during these stressful times are also granted permission to live with their immediate Candian relatives. Though no matter how valid the reason for your visit to Canada is, the 14-day quarantine rule will still be applied to you. If travellers do not have a satisfactory quarantine plan, they would be forced by the government to stay for 14 days in a hotel or any other place that is thought to be appropriate enough for quarantine.

If you are a health or safety professional with a work permit, who has also completed the period of self-isolation, you would easily be exempt from the travelling restriction imposed by the Canadain government. Other professions that are exempt from the travel restrictions are firefighters, paramedical staff, students who are trained in the field of medicine and workers from fields of transportation are also given a permit. Technicians who are coming to Canada to maintain or repair medical equipment are also welcomed in the country. The applications of these professions are prioritized by the Government of Canada.

Canada Emergency Medical Insurance and its Benefits to Canadian Visitors

Accidents and getting sick are the last things anticipated by the travellers, that is why no matter how intuitive you are, you are never prepared enough for such adversities. Canada Emergency Medical Insurance offers benefits for losses due to arising unforeseen circumstances. With elevating costs of medical services in Canada, an accident or grave illness can pose a serious financial crisis to the travellers and their families.