Immigration is an arduous task and whether you are young or old, it can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. However, by having the right insurance, you can make everything far easier for you and the family members you are travelling with. For instance, super visa travel insurance Canada can benefit the elderly if the family.
Similarly, there is Manulife super visa medical insurance for your family members with compromised health statuses.

In this blog, we would talk about how you can benefit from insurance and help yourself get the best out of it. So, here is a list of some most important aspects covered by new immigrant insurance:

Fees for ambulance and emergency room stay

The ambulance fee in Canada is around several thousand dollars, so imagine paying this much even before you could reach the hospital! Medical services in Canada are admittedly extremely expensive. Especially the medical emergency room, which costs more than a thousand dollars each day.

That is why it is imperative for anyone who is visiting Canada to get medical insurance. The medical fees are different for every hospital, so make sure to first contact the local institution and get the idea.

Physician services

After the expense of emergency medical treatment and ambulance fees, comes the hospitalization fee. The new immigrant’s insurance policy covers the hefty bills of hospitalization services and the hospital stay.

Prescription medications

If you get injured or fall sick after signing up for new immigrant’s insurance, you would not have to worry about paying for the prescription medication as it would be covered by the insurance policy.

However, this policy does not cover your maintenance drugs cost. Therefore, to keep your pre-existing condition stable, you are presented with two options, either you can bring the drug supply from your home country or buy an equivalent dose in Canada. For the latter option, consult a doctor, since some prescriptions are sold under different brand names in different countries.

X-ray and lab diagnostics

This is very important and extremely beneficial, as lab diagnostics and x-rays can be painfully pricey without any insurance. Furthermore, you cannot skip this procedure, as physicians depend on them to figure out the right treatment for you.
There are companies that do not cover more than a limited dollar amount, but there are also those which cover equal to the sum you had insured. If this concerns you, you should choose an insurance policy that covers up to the maximum available amount.

Services for specialists

Although this benefit provided by insurance is not commonly used, it becomes very useful if you accidentally get yourself injured and find yourself being referred to a specialist like a chiropractor.
If you are not certain how this factor is benefitting you, you can contact the claim center of your insurance or explain your concern to the insurance agent.

Emergency dental pain and dental care

Although private insurance for new immigrants does not promise to cover regular or routine dental procedures, in case of a dental emergency your insurance would cover your dental expenses.
However, dental emergencies like dental trauma and extreme dental pain are only limited up to a certain dollar amount. Therefore, by no means the dental benefits of insurance can protect you from the absolute worst-case scenarios.

Outpatient care and walk-in clinics

Although not many people are aware of this, the new immigration insurance plans can also cover your expenses of walk-in clinics. Therefore, if you have a bad stomach ache or if you have caught the flu, you could simply go to the nearest walk-in clinic and get your expenses completely covered.

Adjusting to a new country is already a task in itself, the sudden injuries and additional medical bills make it even harder. Therefore it is best for you to sign-up for an insurance plan that can cover most areas. If you are on the lookout for an affordable insurance plan for new immigrants, that can relieve you from worrying about medical expenses in a new country, check out our insurance calculator. For further queries, you can contact our customer care services.