It is nearly impossible to explore all across Canada in one trip since it is such a large country. In fact, I would even say you aren't able to. This is why I always say it’s best to focus on one region that's more of a bit chunk to explore as you can really get to know the best spots that take your fancy.


One of these best regions in Atlantic Canada! But make sure to have insurance coverage. Because in such adventurous places, there come many circumstances and in Canada, the medical cost is much higher than we think. So, it is best to have travel insurance coverage before your trip. Insurance4u provides the best comprehensive insurance coverage that fits your need.

Top 5 Places to Experience in Canada

Here are the best 5 places to experience in Atlantic Canada

  • St John’s

While in Newfoundland and Labrador, St John's is one of the best places to explore in Atlantic Canada. On the Atlantic coast, this city has been shaped by the sea and is well worth a visit during your stay in the province.


Visit Cape Spear National Historic Site at sunrise for some spectacular views or hike along the East Coast Trail near Fort Amherst for some spectacular views.

  • Peggy's Cover

Peggy's Cove is probably one of the most famous destinations in all of Nova Scotia, perched along the shores of St. Margarets Bay.


Furthermore, it's only around a 50-minute drive from Halifax, so it's easy to visit as a day trip.

  • Lunenburg

A visit to Old Town Lunenburg UNESCO World Heritage Site is easily one of the best ways to learn more about Nova Scotia and its history.


Many of the streets in Lunenburg are still in use today, even though it was one of the first settlements in Nova Scotia founded by the British colonists.


The beautiful town of Lunenburg is well worth an afternoon's exploration. Once you arrive, you'll see precisely why it's so special.

  • Bay of Fundy

In New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy separates Nova Scotia from New Brunswick and has the highest tides in the world.


You have to see the Hopewell Rocks that stand proudly along the shores of the Bay of Fundy; they are so iconic and show how this huge tidal range has shaped the New Brunswick coastline.


Alternatively, if it's not too windy, pop out on the water and kayak along the shoreline. Just be sure to always go with an organized group and listen to local and expert advice.




For its stunning natural beauty, the coastline around Avondale is a really special place to explore.

Additionally, Cod Sounds is another huge draw when exploring the area. Cod Sounds organizes foraging excursions and workshops, offering everything from wild game cooking to wild edibles. You'll get to cook your own lunch by foraging ingredients from nature around the shore.