Top 5 reasons why travelers love Nova Scotia


Why do I love Nova Scotia? Who wouldn't love a place that offers up endless ocean views and amazing natural settings, all at once? There's plenty to do - go kayaking or hiking in Cape Breton, enjoy whale watching on the Bay of Fundy, or try some delicious seafood.

Nova Scotia is often overlooked as a travel destination, but it is increasingly growing in popularity and as an increase in popularity may occur many circumstances like you lost your luggage, a sudden accident, and many medical issues. So, it's important to have Travel Insurance to make your trip safe and happy.

Nova Scotia has something for every traveller. Whether you want to explore the scenic wonders or enjoy sports - it's got you covered. But what truly makes the destination tick are things like art and culture that make Nova Scotia so special.


Top 5 reasons to love Nova Scotia

  • Home Of Culture

Nova Scotia has many cultures. In fact, it is home to various founding cultures which linger throughout the province today. Along with a rich culture, come diverse activities for all ages and interests. Listen to a story from an Aboriginal leader of the Mi'kmaq people, learn Gaelic and Celtic songs and dances in Cape Breton, and stroll through Acadian-influenced towns all in one day.



  • Most friendly Place than ever

It is likely that you'll find a friendlier place anywhere than in Nova Scotia. Indeed, the locals are almost guaranteed to stop and chat with you. We like to keep memories alive with our love of history, especially when it comes to how things were (and still are!) before. If you're lost or need help - just ask one of us! You can be sure they'll remember your name or at least chat while they finish up a pint in a nearby pub.


  • Boats and swimming

Among the top reasons to visit Nova Scotia is to simply play in the water and get rewarded for it! Whether you're down at Halifax Harbor or playing on the Bay of Fundy, you can have incredible experiences with our knowledgeable kayak outfitters like Whynot Adventures. They'll show you different tours and provide you with a whole lot of fun.


  • The Highest Tides in the World

For over 15 million years, The Bay of Fundy has been slowly submerging and exposing its hidden treasures. The breathtaking tides in this area are some of the highest in the world at twice daily, causing millions of tonnes of water to flow through this massive estuary twice a day. You can visit Nova Scotia by car or on foot. We recommend travelling there by boat to look for whales and seabirds in Digby Neck or else you could explore the mudflats with a glass of wine in hand. To learn more about what awaits you in this beautiful region, visit Tidal Bay.


  • The largest Film and Food Festival

Nova Scotia has become home to an amazing film scene. One of the best festivals is Devour! Film and Food Festival—the largest food and film festival in the world, which is held in Wolfville each October, just as the autumn leaves turn fiery red, yellow, and orange.

There are also other festivals here: the Atlantic International Film Festival is held each September; the Halifax Independent Film Festival is held every summer, and the Halifax Black Film Festival, now in its third year, is held in February or March.