While in Canada, protect yourself against unexpected accidents or sickness by getting an emergency medical evacuation insurance policy that can cover you for up to $5,000 per emergency while you're here. For visitors, landed immigrants, returning Canadians, and work/student visas. 21st Century Travel Insurance Limited specializes in Parent and Grandparent Super Visa insurance and has been the first company in Canada to offer a convenient monthly option. A two-year policy is also available.

Summary for 21 Century Visitors to Canada Insurance

Eligibility Requirements

You are not eligible for coverage under this policy if:

  1. a physician has advised you not to travel.
  2. you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than two years to live.
  3. you have a kidney condition requiring dialysis.
  4. you have used home oxygen during the 12 months prior to the date of application.


  1. Hospital and medical expenses
  2. Physician and Private duty registered nurse
  3. Medical Appliances
  4. Professional Medical Services
  5. Diagnostic Treatment
  6. Ambulance Transportation.
  7. Prescription drugs
  8. Funeral Expenses
  9. Emergency Transportation
  10. Accidental Dental
  11. Dental Emergencies
  12. Accidental Death and Dismemberment 

Special Medical Underwriting Insurance

For Canadians who are not eligible for regular market insurance because of a new or changed pre-existing medical condition or medication, Special Medical Underwriting Insurance is available for them. Ask your broker to request a medical underwriting quote before booking your trip.


Benefits of the Medical Underwriting Insurance Plan include:

  1. Coverage of pre-existing medical conditions with no required stability period.
  2. $5 million Emergency Medical coverage.
  3. The medical interview and quotes are completed over the phone.
  4. The Plan can be purchased up to 60 days in advance of departure (we can quote at any time in advance).

Super Visa Medical Insurance

From medical costs to traveling without insurance, it is important for any travel that you are aware of the Canadian healthcare system. Purchasing medical coverage is not only the best way to protect yourself from unexpectedly high health costs, but it helps reduce the risk of falling ill or getting in an accident while traveling in Canada. The Canadian government urges all travelers to purchase travel insurance from a Canadian insurer like Canadian LIA.

The 21st Century Super Visa Medical Insurance plan is available for friends, family members, landed immigrants, Canadian expatriates arriving back in the country waiting for provincially provided health coverage, international students, and individuals coming to Canada with a work visa. Our company also has vast experience throughout the years of helping Canadians consider using this service by offering the best plan and affordable monthly premium payments, making sure the required needs are met. For more information about this service please do not hesitate to contact the team over at Canadian Life Insurance Company.